Gran Canaria – Puerto Rico

I’m forever getting lost in my own thoughts, I’ll rethink things from 5 years ago and wonder if I made the right decision or if I said the right thing, but I’m fed up of doing that, this time I decided to get lost in the world, in nature and my own fears.

I traveled to Gran Canaria, alone! I drove myself to the airport, got on a plane and I stayed for 5 nights in a place I’d never been before, all by myself.

It was one of the best experiences of my life.

Turns out, it’s really not hard to make friends, especially when you’re alone, people are nosey by nature and they actually approached me. I had some explaining to do at first, as to why I’d come away alone, but after the initial quiz, they seemed to respect me, and my reasoning for trying to find myself. That and the fact I was NOT a prostitute!

Puerto Rico is a lovely destination, a slightly turbulent landing but nothing I couldn’t handle. It’s quite a hilly area, but there were great views of mount teide from the plane and the hotel! I stayed by the europa centre, taxis were 3 euros to the beach! I spent a few days diving, we dived at a lovely man made beach called Amadores, it’s a sight to see, and at a place near the airport called Tufia….. I dived with 3 stingrays!! I didn’t want those dives to end, I explored nature at its most naturally untouched moments and I didn’t interfere, I just observed, the ocean treated me as if I was invisible, the marine life went about their days exactly as they would have done, had I been there or not, it was a bittersweet moment ascending from those dives. Why can’t oxygen tanks last forever!

This trip away taught me a lot about myself, not to be afraid of the world, that I’m capable of more than I allow myself to believe and that I am honestly at home and peace when I’m in the ocean.

I’ve come back a stronger person, a more determined person and I feel as though I’m on the right track to finally steering my life in the direction it needs to go.

Since coming back I’ve made some changes, I’ve started spending more time with my parents, because I’ve realised above anyone else, they are the ones I love and adore the most (despite not always saying it), I’ve spent more time with friends, and I’ve decided I don’t eat enough vegetables so I’m trying to become a vegetarian, just for a better diet (edit: this lasted a week), but I’m spending time at the beach almost every weekend, that’s my temple, and that’s the place that replenishes my soul.

I’m less paranoid about things and have adopted a mindset of “it’ll all work out in the end”, I’m still making mistakes and taking some steps back but they are minimal compared to before. I’m positive I’ve made huge progress within myself, just by doing something that petrified me.

Alone time can be so beautifully fulfilling!

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